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About Us

iQ VISION is a modern Optical Laboratory specializing in the production and distribution of the highest quality eyeglass lenses.

Our mission is to guarantee customers the best quality of vision which is why in our daily work we focus on designing modern and lifestyle-adapted glasses lenses.

We are a company driven by passion, combining determination to achieve goals and a desire for perfection with German precision and technology. Every single eyeglass lens that leaves our laboratory meets the highest quality standards.

Our innovative production line and state-of-the-art equipment from OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH, combined with the highest control standards, allow us to offer a wide portfolio of products that meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

We believe that through our pursuit of perfection, continuous investment in the latest technologies, listening to customer feedback, and responding to their visual needs, we will provide them with a more comfortable life.

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iQ Vision – Innovative Technologies for Perfect Vision

Our goal is to offer customers technologically advanced lens designs that provide the best eye protection. All iQ VISION lens users receive a completely personalized product tailored to their optometric and visual needs.

The supplier of technological solutions for iQ VISION is OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH – an industry-leading company that develops and produces optical machines and processes around the world. Unlike other lens design suppliers, OptoTech’s optical expertise is based on extensive experience in optics manufacturing and software development.

In response to customer expectations, OptoTech has developed groundbreaking technology – OptoTech Minimal Distortion (OMD Technology). Through this innovative computational method, we can reduce astigmatism to the lowest possible level, using optimized gradients to ensure immediate adaptation for future users. The result is the world’s best ratio between addition and distortions.

our products

Progressive lenses

All our progressive lenses are characterized by excellent construction and incredible visual comfort at any distance. We produce lenses in various options, from basic to the most advanced, so even a very complicated prescription or an unusual frame will not be a problem in immediate adaptation and will ensure unprecedented comfort of use.

Office lenses

Created in response to the advancing digitalization of our surroundings and the associated threats to our eyes. The design of the OFFICE lenses ensures excellent vision both up close and during computer work. Additionally, enhanced by the SV coating, they provide protection against potential negative effects of high-energy blue light.

Anti-Reflective Coatings

A special, multi-layer construction of the anti-reflective coating. The additional hardening and hydrophobic layer, combined with oleophobic and antistatic properties, make them among the most durable, easy-to-maintain, and scratch-resistant eyeglass lenses available on the market.

Bifocal lenses

These are the most classic and simultaneously the simplest solution for presbyopes, allowing for clear vision both at a distance and for reading. Due to their simplicity, this solution eliminates any adaptation issues.

Sun protection

Our offer includes both polarized lenses that eliminate unwanted reflections and photochromic Transitions lenses that automatically adapt to changing lighting conditions.

Prescription lenses

By using the latest technology combined with maintaining the highest production standards, we are able to provide users of our lenses with perfect image reproduction regardless of vision impairment.

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