Remote profiling

Remote Profiling is a service that enables precise matching of lenses to glasses, using advanced technology and without the need to visit a laboratory. Thanks to it, we can adapt the shape of the lenses to the individual needs of the customer based on electronically sent information about the shape of the frame. In this way, we save time and ensure high quality of service.

In our laboratory, we have advanced processing machines that allow us to make lenses of any shape and from various materials. Thanks to this, we can offer our clients a professional service of matching lenses to any prescription frame. All our lenses are carefully finished with broken edges, and optional polishing increases their visual quality and aesthetics.

Why is it worth using the remote lens profiling service?

It enables quick and easy adjustment of lenses to prescription frames, which allows the ready-made glasses to be delivered to the customer a few minutes after receiving the shipment. Our work process is limited only to scanning and installing ready-made glasses, which takes only 5 minutes, saving time and reducing workload. Additionally, by using our service, the risk of damaging the lenses in the machine is minimized, and the investment in grinding equipment is no longer necessary. Our lenses are also pre-optimized in terms of thickness, which allows for a better appearance in the frame. It is also important that remote profiling does not extend the lead time of prescription lenses.

How it’s working?

It’s easy. Just follow 3 steps and we will adapt the shape of the lenses to your client’s individual needs.

Step 1

Connect the frame scanner to your computer, run the application at and start scanning.

Step 2

Send us the scanned frame shape and lens parameters.

Step 3

It’s almost ready! Attach the received lenses to the frame and hand over the finished glasses to your customer.

Our Regional Representatives will be happy to provide information about the purchase or lease of scanners and the possibilities of connecting the equipment owned by the plant.

Assembly service

The iQ VISION laboratory accepts orders for the assembly of any type of lenses ordered from us. Just send us your frame along with your lens order, and in return you will receive ready-made glasses that will meet your expectations.

What do you gain?

Optimized lenses – every work looks aesthetic and professional.
Fast implementation – you will maintain short deadlines for completing work for your clients.
Safety – you do not risk damaging the lenses in the machine.
Financial savings – you avoid major investments in grinding equipment for the plant.

Thickness optimization and calculation

Thickness optimization is the process of matching the size of the lenses to the frame. It is crucial to ensuring the proper quality of vision and the comfort of wearing glasses.

At iQ VISION Laboratorium Optyczne, we offer a free thickness optimization service for all prescription lenses.
The optimization service can be easily requested via our iQ VISION application.
At the customer’s request, we can also provide a lens thickening service.
All prescription lenses that have been ordered with the Remote Profiling service are automatically included in the thickness optimization service.

iQ VISION Laboratorium Optyczne also offers a free thickness calculation service, which allows you to precisely determine the thickness of lenses for a specific frame.

Lens thickness calculation is performed using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, making it accurate and precise. The obtained results allow the production of lenses of optimal thickness, which increases their durability and aesthetics, which translates into convenience and comfort of use.

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