Relaxation lenses


Relax glasses lenses were created in response to the constantly changing lifestyle of our customers. They are an ideal solution for people who often use smartphones, tablets and computers, who do not yet experience the natural process of deterioration of near vision (presbyopia), but need support for visual accommodation when performing tasks at close distances.

iQ VISION relaxation lenses ensure perfect visual acuity in the distance and support your eyesight when working close by by adding a small amount of power to the lower areas of the lens.

Thanks to this, the eyes have less accommodative effort, which translates into increased concentration and alleviation of the symptoms of visual fatigue. The user can enjoy comfortable vision while performing daily activities and using electronic devices.

RELAX lenses are available in 4 variants:

+0.5D and +0.75D design recommended for users who experience minimal eye fatigue
+1.00D dedicated to clients experiencing moderate eye fatigue
+1.25D intended for users at pre-presbyopic age for whom visual fatigue is felt to a large extent.


Improving concentration
Reduction of visual fatigue when using electronic devices
Greater comfort of use
Easy and quick adaptation
Clear vision at all distances
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