Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal Free Form

Bifocal lenses are an excellent choice for people looking for an alternative to progressive lenses and provide excellent vision at close and distant distances.

Traditional bifocal lenses are characterized by a visible dividing line between the near and far areas, which affects the aesthetics of wearing glasses. Moreover, a sudden change in power is usually associated with a characteristic jump in the image that the user feels when changing head position and looking at different distances.

The new generation iQ VISION bifocal lenses are made using digital processing technology (Free Form) and eliminate the traditional, visible dividing line and improve the smoothness of power transition. Thanks to this, users can enjoy the natural look of the glasses and greater visual comfort.


less eye fatigue
comfortable vision in the distance and near zones
smooth transition between visual areas
no visible dividing line as in standard bifocal lenses
easy adaptation

Our laboratory’s offer also includes conventional bifocal lenses with an ST segment, with a straight edge of the insert for near vision, 28 mm wide.

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