Symbol technologii OptoDesign Pro

OptoDesign Pro

OptoDesign Pro (ODP) is a powerful computational tool designed for lens design and optimization technology developed for our clients’ needs. The ODP technology enables the achievement of the best mathematical solutions tailored to individual needs, ensuring best-in-class optical lens constructions. We have created a globally unique and intelligent algorithm that forms the basis of optimized and personalized ophthalmic lenses. All of our progressive lens designs have been developed and optimized using this software tool. The extremely harmonious and well-balanced designs provide exceptional optical quality with an exceptionally low amount of unwanted astigmatism.

Symbol technologii ARTT

ARTT Technology

Thanks to the complex ray tracing method, the path of light rays through the lens system was analyzed at different angles and then optimized. With the help of modern computer technology, more than 6400 different angles of human vision were calculated and analyzed. As a result, visual acuity will be significantly increased in every possible direction. This leads to the elimination of symptoms such as tunnel vision, distorted or blurry peripheral vision. Thanks to this technology, the effects of swimming/swaying can be almost completely eliminated. An additional benefit of ARTT technology is a reduction in lens thickness and weight by approximately 10% compared to conventional products made from the same material. Another benefit of ARTT technology is the minimization of astigmatism in oblique beams, resulting in a significant reduction in distortions in the peripheral parts of the lens.

Symbol technologii Smart Thin Calculation

Smart Thin Calculation

Smart Thin Calculation is our new intelligent technology that calculates thinner and lighter lenses. It combines an optimized lens surface with a double aspheric shape. As a result, the finished lens provides exceptional fields of view, the best possible image reproduction in all directions, and reduced thickness to ensure perfect fit and comfort. Different levels of intensity can be selected for this function to determine whether the thickness of the finished lens is slightly reduced – by one-tenth of a millimeter or even by 20 percent.

Symbol technologii 8K

8K Technology

8K Technology is based on OptoDesign Pro (ODP) and is an extremely advanced method of optimizing high-resolution lens design. By increasing the number of iterations in the design optimization algorithm, the 8K technology guarantees extremely smooth power gradients in high optical resolution, ensuring perfect, sharp and clear vision in a wide optical field. This results in almost immediate adaptation and, as a result, customer satisfaction.

Symbol technologii BinOcular Vision

BinOcular Vision

BinOcular Vision is a technology that aims to create a mathematical model of lenses, taking into account the difference in correction between the right and left eye to ensure perfectly balanced vision and reduce unwanted prismatic effects, resulting in reduced distortions in peripheral areas, leading to a significant increase in clear vision areas and elimination of additional, unnatural head movements.

Symbol technologii OptoTech Minimal Distortion

OptoTech Minimal Distortion

OptoTech Minimal Distortion technology (OMD) offers the world’s best ratio between the value of addition and distortions. All lenses made using OMD technology are fully balanced, ensuring quick and easy adaptation for the user. OMD technology reduces unwanted astigmatism by 30-40% for the highest level of visual comfort.

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