Młody szczęśliwy mężczyzna w okularach siedzi zrelaksowany na sofie i rozmawia przez telefon

Clear View coating

durability and scratch resistance

Clear View Premium coating

aesthetics and resistance to dirt

Smart View coating

effective protection against blue light

Crystal View coating

extraordinary clarity and maximum visual comfort

Drive View coating

enhanced visual contrast in variable road conditions

iQ VISION anti-reflective coatings ensure greater durability, protection and better performance properties of your glasses. Moreover, they make it easier to clean glasses and guarantee freedom and comfort of vision.

You can choose from 4 types of coatings that provide different benefits to meet your expectations.

Thanks to our modern coatings, you can adjust the glasses to your individual preferences – regardless of whether you are looking for protection against scratches, dirt, harmful blue light or glare on the road.

UC – lenses without coatings

HC (hardcoating) – hardening coating with high scratch resistance. Protects lenses against scratches and other forms of mechanical damage. In addition, it extends the life of the lens and improves its properties. The HC hard coating is a base before applying any anti-reflective coating.

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