Anti-reflective coatings

CV – Clear View

A basic anti-reflective coating with an additional hardening and hydrophobic layer that increases the transmission of lenses by eliminating unwanted reflections and glare.

CVP – Clear View Premium

Anti-reflective coating designed for the most demanding users. The special design of multiple layers makes it one of the most durable and scratch-resistant anti-reflective coatings on the market. With additional oleophobic and antistatic properties, it is easy to maintain and results in exceptional user satisfaction.

SV – Smart View

A coating created in response to the progressing digitization of the world around us and the risks it poses to our eyesight. The main goal of this coating, in addition to increasing lens transparency and providing good contrast, is to protect the eyes from an excess of high-energy blue light. This results in eliminating disturbances to circadian rhythms, eye fatigue, and other hazards that may result from excessive exposure to shortwave blue light radiation.

Młody mężczyzna w okularach, ubrany w jasną koszulę z krawatem, zamyślony patrzy w górę, trzyma się ręką za brodę
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