Prescription lenses


Single vision lenses have undergone a revolution from their former descriptions as “standard” or “mass produced” and are now fully individualized and treated as an exclusive premium product. Single vision lenses are an ideal solution for people struggling with short- and far-sightedness and are often the first choice for patients requiring vision correction, regardless of whether they need glasses for close-up work or long-distance vision.

The single-vision, personalized iQ VISION lens is made using Free-form technology. Additionally, the use of ARTT technology makes it possible to minimize the astigmatism of the oblique beam, which directly translates into an uncompromising improvement in the quality of peripheral vision. Thanks to the use of the latest optimization technologies, the INDIVIDAUL lens is much more aesthetic than the classic single vision lens, while providing much better optical parameters.


Lighter, thinner and more aesthetic than standard single vision lenses.
Minimized distortions in the peripheral parts of the lens.
Calculated power distribution taking into account individual parameters.
Perfect for sports frames.
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