OF-2000 refraction measurement kit

Offer your patients excellent vision quality with OF-2000 refraction technology.

We present to you one of our most modern systems for measuring refraction and selecting eyeglass correction – OF-2000, which consists of three devices: an automatic phoropter, an optotype display and a tablet for control. Its advanced functions enable refraction measurements to be made with an accuracy of 0.25 diopters and shorten the examination time to up to 6 minutes, while ensuring accurate and repeatable results.

The use of innovative technology allows for automatic, smooth change of the power of the phoropter lens based on the patient’s reaction, making the entire examination process quick and comfortable.

Each set includes any 10 iQ VISION glasses as a gift!


SPEED measurement – ease of use and full automation of the phoropter shorten the test duration by up to 6 minutes.
PRESCRIPTION ACCURACY – the accuracy of measurements performed on the OF-2000 phoropter is twice as high as in the case of a manual examination.
OPTIMIZATION OF COSTS – shortening the examination time while maintaining precision and accuracy of issued prescriptions, increases the availability of the office for patients.
AVAILABILITY OF TESTS – the testing process supported by artificial intelligence ensures precision of measurements, even in the hands of less experienced operators. This means that the office can be available at any time, which in turn translates into a larger number of glasses sold.

Measuring ranges:

Sphere: +16.75D ~ -19.00D
Cylinder: 0D ~ -6.00D
Axis: 0°~ 180°
Prism: 0△ 20△
Prism base: 0°/360°
PD measurement range: Distance 50 mm – 80 mm/ Near 50 mm – 76 mm

Measurement values:

Sphere: 0.25D / 0.50D / 1.00D / 3.00D
Cylinder: 0.25D
Axis: 1°/5°
Prism: 0.1△/ 0.5 △
Minimum prism measurement value 1°
PD: 0.5 mm

Terms of purchase or monthly subscription to the device are available from our Regional Representatives.

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