Office Lenses


Modern OFFICE spectacle lenses are designed for people who want to enjoy a wide field of vision when working indoors, with devices emitting blue-violet light. They guarantee a wide field of view, which allows you to comfortably look at different areas of the office without having to move your head. This allows you to adopt a natural body position during office work and comfortably see near and intermediate distances.

Office lenses have been designed in such a way as to minimize the effects of eye strain associated with long-term focusing on close objects, such as a smartphone or computer screen. Thanks to this, the user does not experience unpleasant symptoms of eye fatigue, such as dryness or burning.

In addition, the soft construction ensures smooth transitions between individual zones of the lens, which facilitates quick adaptation.


Perfect for people working with monitors
Wide field of vision at near and intermediate distances
Ergonomic and comfortable body posture while working
Optimum binocular vision comfort
Instant adaptation thanks to modern lens design

Office Lenses

Office max

A spectacle lens with an advanced design, designed to achieve optimal interaction of the eye with the computer screen. It is the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy a wide field of vision when working indoors, regardless of whether they need to focus their eyes on close work at the computer while maintaining sharpness of the near surroundings, or if they work at the computer and focus on intermediate distances. Additionally, the OFFICE MAX lens supports eye accommodation when looking at close distances, reducing digital visual fatigue and providing eye relief. This guarantees natural and effortless vision when working with digital devices, as well as when reading books or magazines, facilitating the adoption of a natural and comfortable body position when performing activities in the near zone.


quick and easy adaptation
sharp and clear image without distortions and the effect of “floating” objects
excellent visual comfort
reduction of eye fatigue
excellent vision in the near zone with very short and natural eye movement
activities that require focusing one’s eyes alternately on close and intermediate distances are much more comfortable and less tiring

Available in 3 variants for different distances:

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