Ultimate Parabolic

Progressive Lenses

ULTIMATE PARABOLIC is the latest generation of fully individualized progressive lenses guaranteeing the highest visual comfort. The use of advanced computational algorithms ensures perfect matching of the front CX surface and the rear CV surface, which translates into achieving the maximum level of lens optimization.

In addition, the parabolic CX surface guarantees exceptional visual comfort in the distance zone, and the rear CV surface in Free Form technology improves the width of the canal and the quality of vision in the near zone.

CX front surface + CV rear surface = ULTIMATE parabolic lens

Thanks to this, the ULTIMATE PARABOLIC progressive lens provides exceptional quality of vision at any distance, and the image is almost completely distortion-free.

The ULTIMATE PARABOLIC lens is also characterized by unique aesthetics, smaller thickness and maximum reduction of astigmatism, which translates into immediate adaptation by the user.

In the case of a standard progressive lens design, as the distance of the eye from the optical center increases, an increase in oblique astigmatism can be observed, and the resulting image is no longer focused on the retina.

ULTIMATE PARABOLIC lenses, unlike standard progressive lenses, adapt to the geometry of the eye, thanks to which astigmatism is almost completely eliminated, making their use more comfortable and the visible image much clearer.

Moreover, the parabolic shape of the lens causes all light rays during near activities to concentrate on one point on the retina, thanks to which the unfavorable effect of spherical aberration is eliminated.

Field of view comparison

Lens thickness comparison

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