Clear View Premium coating

Clear View Premium anti-reflective coating is designed for the most demanding eyewear users. Advanced production technology and modern construction make it one of the most durable and scratch-resistant anti-reflective coatings on the market.

Thanks to additional oleophobic and antistatic properties, the lenses feature an impeccably smooth surface that prevents grease, dirt, and water from adhering.

Clear View Premium coating also eliminates unwanted light reflections from the surface of the lenses, ensuring maximum clarity and contrast of vision while reducing eye fatigue.

An additional advantage of the Clear View Premium coating is its high aesthetic appeal, making it easy to match with most eyewear frames.


Maximum clarity and contrast of vision
Highest comfort during daily activities
Reduced eye fatigue by minimizing reflections
High aesthetic appeal of the eyewear
Extremely effective protection against scratches
Impeccably smooth surface preventing the adhesion of dirt, grease, and water
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