Photochromic lenses

Active Tint

High-quality Active Tint photochromic lenses were created for the most demanding users who prioritize the effectiveness of the lenses in various circumstances, climatic conditions and at different times of the year.

Active Tint lenses adapt to changing lighting conditions, rapidly brightening and darkening depending on light intensity and temperature.

Indoors they are almost transparent (coloration from 6%), and outdoors, under the influence of sunlight, they darken (coloration up to 88%) to the level provided by sunglasses with a category 3 filter.

Active Tint lenses are distinguished by the speed of the darkening process – they achieve up to 67% tint after just 1 minute, and after returning to the room, they lighten to almost full transparency within a few minutes.

In addition, Active Tint photochromic lenses are equipped with a UV400 filter, thanks to which they guarantee the highest eye protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation at every stage of tinting. This ensures exceptional comfort and convenience and allows you to wear one pair of glasses all day long, even in direct sunlight.

Active Tint photochromic lenses also protect against harmful blue light by filtering up to 88% of outdoor blue light.

Modern production technology guarantees exceptional optical quality and durability of the lenses, thanks to which the user can enjoy the highest precision of vision.

Active Tint photochromic lenses are available in two color variants – gray and brown. The addition will be two fashionable colors – blue and purple, which appear only on the material in index 1.6.


quick adaptation to changing lighting conditions,
exceptional intensity of color in the sun and almost complete transparency indoors,
excellent visual comfort and relaxed eyesight at any time of the year,
durability and scratch resistance,
exceptional visual contrast and glare reduction.
Soczewki fotochromatyczne w odcieniach szarości
Soczewki fotochromatyczne w odcieniach szafiru
Soczewki fotochromatyczne w odcieniach brązu
Soczewki fotochromatyczne w odcieniach fioletu
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