Polarized lenses

iQ VISION polarized lenses, thanks to their optical properties, provide exceptional eye protection and visual comfort during outdoor activities. They block dangerous, blinding reflections and protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, ensuring greater safety when walking, cycling or driving a car. Additionally, polarized lenses promote the vision of natural colors, provide clear images and visual contrast, and protect your eyesight against harmful UV radiation.

Polarized lenses are especially recommended for athletes and people who enjoy outdoor activities. They are also an ideal solution for drivers because they limit excess sunlight that is reflected from the road surface or the dashboard, which increases visual comfort and safety while driving.

The polarized lenses we offer are available in 3 color variants and can be made on the basis of a prescription or without optical power.

Available colours

Szara soczewka polaryzacyjna
17% transmittance
Brązowa soczewka polaryzacyjna
22% transmittance
Zielona soczewka polaryzacyjna
15% transmittance
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