OptoDesign Pro technology

Basic technology for calculation and optimization of lens design

OptoDesign Pro (ODP) is an advanced computational tool created for designing eyeglass lens structures. This is an optimization technology developed by the leader in optical technologies – Opto-tech, to meet the individual needs of our customers.

All progressive lens designs manufactured by iQ VISION have been developed and optimized using OptoDesign Pro (ODP) technology. Thanks to this, our lenses have excellent optical properties and are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Main features and functions of OptoDesign Pro:

Precise measurements of patient eye parameters such as power, curvature and optical position. This allows you to adjust the lenses to the individual needs of each person.
The software creates special three-dimensional models of lenses that can be adjusted to the shape and size of spectacle frames. This guarantees precise fit of the lenses to the selected frames, which translates into comfort of wearing and quality of vision.
OptoDesign Pro has built-in tools for optical analysis of lenses. They can take into account various factors such as optical aberrations and light scattering. Thanks to this, the designed lenses achieve the best optical properties.
OptoDesign Pro ensures optimally distributed and balanced viewing zones.
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