Symbol technologii OptoTech Minimal Distortion

OptoTech Minimal Distortion (OMD)

Optimization of lens design at the highest level

The innovative OptoTech Minimal Distortion (OMD) technology offers unprecedented proportions between addition and distortion, ensuring excellent image quality with expanded peripheral vision, which allows for an even better visual experience.

A new computational algorithm and optimization technology allows you to reduce the undesirable astigmatism of a progressive lens by up to 40%, thus placing OMD technology at the forefront of the most modern optical solutions in the world. The use of advanced computational processes during the production of lenses using OMD technology allows for a smooth power transfer between optical zones.

All lenses produced using the OMD computational method are fully balanced and are characterized by a quick and increased adaptation rate for new users.

This allows for an even better visual experience and ensures maximum visual comfort.


Immediate user adaptation
Exceptional quality and visual comfort
Optimization and adjustment of the lens structure to individual user parameters
Extended near and intermediate vision zones
Exceptional image stability
Widened vision zones in the peripheral part of the lens
Reduction of unwanted astigmatism up to 40%
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